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Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Comments | 4 comments

Your Feedback

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  1. Bonnielou Wall

    I am very proud of R.Wall and the rest of the mural mice. The mural was beautiful and meaningful as well. When he said the skin is the real color of a child that goes to the school is was right. Blair should have left it alone but, since he didn’t this picture was seen all over the world. Beautiful and bright for all to see. Prescott should be proud of having the Mural Mice in their town so people will come to Arizona and see not only the old west but the new colors of the world.

  2. Jason

    I am really happy that you are making this film. My daughter loved being involved with the local murals and I’m sad that public art has grinded to a halt over this issue. Our town is diverse and the murals are meant to represent that diversity.

  3. Joe

    The whole thing was an embarrassment to our community. I hope you are NOT just dredging this up again because we don’t need it. I’d like to see a fair telling of this story so that it can be healed and we can move on as a community!

  4. Melissa

    I’d like to see the city representatives, including Blair and Hanna, interviewed in this film, perhaps they were misrepresented by CNN…
    That said, and benefit of the doubt given… What is the problem in this country when a few narrow-minded individuals who are supposed to represent the community on our council can not be gentlemen cowboys? You don’t have to like the mural, you can hate it all you want, but support those kids, support art in our schools and be man enough to denounce racist behavior! If you are not a racist yourself then you should have no problem speaking out against the hateful behavior of a hand-ful of locals. It is true that a few bad apples can make the whole community look bad. This is a beautiful place, a wonderful community and we should all be proud of it!

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