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Updates, September 2013

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Here is a copy of an email that went out to our list on Sept 1, 2013:

One year ago we began filming interviews in Prescott for the film. We had a great turn-out and collected over 30 interviews. The sentiments from everyone interviewed were diverse, ranging from excitement to inspiration to rage. All opinions are filled with thought-provoking insight. Overall though, everyone involved expressed an interest to keep this film focused on the power of art and the vibrant creative community in Prescott. The controversy is a leverage point, and though it is central to the story, the film casts a positive light on Prescott as a community despite the obvious failings of political leadership.

We had a most amazing interview with a young girl, Aliyah Goodman (9 years old), who is a mural mouse. We had a lovely time walking with her, filming and looking at her contributions to various murals. It was a stellar moment in the process as we were able to capture the magic of murals through a child’s eyes. Despite all of the controversy, Aliyah told us that one thing she loved most about the murals was “to just see how many people in my town love art”. In a way that only a child could speak it, she captured the essence of the film and provided a much-needed counter balance to the deep, intellectual and “grown-up” opinions expressed by others.

We made every effort to interview Steve Blair, who respectfully declined. However, he did speak about the film project on his radio show which we have a recording of. We were hoping to give voice to those who did not like the mural, but none have stepped forward and agreed to speak their opinion on film as of yet. Steve’s talk on his radio program probably echoes the sentiments of his followers pretty well in terms of telling that side of the story.

We were also able to capture R and Maggie on their successful mural in Mesa and again on their most current mural in Flagstaff.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed, and invite you to see our website’s new “look” and latest trailer (that contains some of the interviews gathered in the last year) as well as our “Thanks” page with a growing list of supporters at

This film has the capacity to bring great exposure to Prescott’s art scene as well as the talented work of R and Maggie. This could benefit the community in terms of tourism, benefit local artists in terms of exposure, and benefit the Mural Mice and their mission to spread meaningful public art. Prescott is, and will continue to be, an art and culture destination in The Great Southwest.

We need your help in the final stages. We are running another Indiegogo campaign that should launch within the week. You can contribute by making a donation there when it launches, or at our website at: Donations are tax-deductible as we are a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization.

To artists: we’re looking for art donations (paintings, print, sculpture, music, etc.) to offer as Indiegogo incentives. If you donate art, we will make sure that you are included within the film to give you added exposure. We want the film to shed a light on the endless talent within The Prescott Community.

If you are not an artist and don’t have money but would like to donate some time to the project, please feel free to email me. I will be sending out another email update as soon as the Indiegogo campaign launches. We would really appreciate if you visit our Facebook fanpage and make posts to share this project as it is a community sponsored grassroots production. Feel free to forward/share this email, I will be posting its content on the “Updates” page of the website for the general public.

Thank You,

Jacob Devaney


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