Public Art Indicted

The Team

Michelle Peirano
A journalism student in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in Phoenix Michelle has worked at two student publications and currently interns at the East Valley Tribune. In today’s world of technology, good news is often synonymous with fast news. Michelle believes in the power of investigative journalism and strives to provide a more well-rounded story of events.



Elizabeth Ray
Elizabeth studied film at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. She would like  to pursue documentary filmmaking because of its potential to create social change, and she is specifically interested in how communication can be used/is misused to heal or hurt human relations, respectively. With Up Against the Wall she hopes to create a film that moderates a meaningful community dialogue in an objective way while investigating the root causes of the miscommunications and misunderstandings that create polarity and alienation within a community.


Gustavo Ochoa
Seeking, framing, looking at natural light or finding a moment of beauty, Gustavo Ochoa is motivated by love and amazement of the World. His work in cinematography is intrinsically related to his fondness of the tall trees, massive mountains and the red sunsets over the Mojave Desert. The influence of Nature in Gustavo’s work is evident in the soft lighting, soothing compositions and a simple approach to filmmaking.
As he finishes his studies in San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Gustavo takes with him a portfolio that includes: camera work in a Tribeca Film Festival nominated short; a documentary on disabled people in Mendocino County and a feature film shot on the Navajo Nation.
As a Honduran living in California, Gustavo’s background of green, lush rain forests an tropical showers is combined with redwood trees and the Sierra Nevada. The result: a flexible, relaxed and curious individual with an inclination for soft gradients and Zeiss Prime Lenses.

Jacob Devaney
Jacob is The Founder and Director of Culture Collective, a non-profit organization that produces and develops socially enriching programs and media for all ages with a focus on culture, community, health, and environment. Jacob is an advocate of the power of art to educate and spark dialogue within community and has worked with youth across the country in many capacities over the past 15 years through Culture Collective and his other company, Living Folklore.
Jacob writes for The Huffington Post about his work and issues close to his heart while being an active creator of web-based media designed to spark dialogue, make people think and encourage a positive future with respect to culture and the land.