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November 2013

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We are very grateful to ALL who donated to our Indiegogo Campaign! It has been a delight packaging up all of the beautiful signed art that we will be sending out to our donors. Despite a stellar list of incentives and a well-run Indiegogo Campaign, we fell considerably short of our goal. Admittedly it was disheartening but donations still continue to trickle in from our Donation Page. This is a passion project and we are just as determined as ever to make sure this story is told. So we persevere with our eyes on the prize ;)
Independent media is special because it tells important stories that have a deep value for people even if that value isn’t measured in dollars. There are plenty of high dollar special-effect movies that make millions without telling a deep or meaningful story. Stories that most often catch the hearts of viewers come from grass-roots filmmakers. The content of this film is difficult at times. Though there is a heated controversy at the heart of it it is a story about healing. Each of the players in the controversy is acting out of love for their community, some with the desire to bring progressive change and others with the desire to keep things the way they have always been. It is a story that everyone can relate to and the strong feelings elicited are universal. The film shows this and underscores a deeper understanding that fosters a sense of compassion to heal the divide. Take a moment to read Up Against The Wall, Community Healing and Public Art on Huffington Post to glimpse into the unfolding drama in this small town.

Crowd-funding is a new concept and people are just beginning to realize the power of creating media that is non-commercial. I wrote a piece about this on The Huffington Post entitled, Want to Change The World? Support Independent Media which is worth checking out.

More soon!


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